The History of Gig Rowing

Up one bow side

Flags Up


Give water

Up for ten

All in a line

Last Boat

Big thirty to finish

Easy Oar

Rowers on the bow side pull one stroke, often followed by 'up two stroke side' then a frenetic 'back up together' as you float over the start line sideways.

The last moment of sanity before all hell breaks loose.

All hell breaks loose

Otherwise known as get out the '****' way.

When the cox wants more power – resulting in the
groan of hyperventilating rowers.

Words of encouragement signalling you are not 'last boat'.

'Up for ten' is bound to be coming next.

The final strokes to the line which generally turn into fifty
before you collapse over your 'easy oar'.

When you get to have a rest and compare blisters.