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We use bamboo derived viscose because it's so incredibly comfortable to wear. In our
shops, customers can’t believe how soft it is. It doesn’t cling to the skin, and elegantly
drapes, giving skirts, dresses and tops a skimming effect, which is very flattering.

t's a perfect year round fabric, with incredible qualities that wick away moisture
in hot weather and keep you nice and warm in cold weather.

We’ve had such a good response to our bamboo garments that we use it in lots of
products, like tops, skirts and our socks. If you’ve never worn it give it a try,
we think you’ll love it...


Bamboo fabric is...

  • Silky soft and antistatic
  • Three times more absorbant than cotton
  • Very breathable and wicks away moisture,
    so you stay cool in summer and warm in winter.