Seasalt has its own sea shanty group – Du Hag Owr. They're from the Roseland Peninsula and give performances at carnivals, village halls, festivals, and new shop openings and parties at Seasalt.



Sea shanties are part of this regions culture that's still very much thriving and each year the county hosts the International Sea Shanty Festival in Falmouth with groups coming from across the globe to celebrate and safeguard this strong coastal tradition.

In the 'hey day' of sail around the 19th century, shanties were working songs whose strong rhythms helped sailors and fishermen to work together whilst they hoisted sails, hauled nets and raised the anchor.

Nowadays shanties are sung in and around coastal communities and for many people today singing or listening to them gives a strong sense of preserving our nautical heritage. For others it's maybe something slightly less noble and is just a perfect excuse to get together with friends and get those feet stomping along to the music! And who are we to argue?